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US-2014128531-A1: Rubber composition for tread, and pneumatic tire patent, US-2014151775-A1: Control gate patent, US-2014173176-A1: Heap-based mechanism for efficient garbage collection block selection patent, US-2014187738-A1: Copolymerized Polycarbonate Resin, Method for Preparing the Same, and Article Comprising the Same patent, US-2014191961-A1: Pointer display device, pointer display/detection method, pointer display/detection program and information apparatus patent, US-2014197560-A1: Production of carbon-fiber reinforced coke patent, US-2014204833-A1: Communication management system, relay device, communication control system, communication system, communication method, and recording medium storing communicaiton control program patent, US-2014223485-A1: Display Tag Cloud Viewer Interactive Interface For Enabling A Viewer To Quickly And Effectively Access A Desired Television Program For Viewing patent, US-2014228927-A1: Apparatus for transcutaneous electrical stimulation of the tibial nerve patent, US-2014259122-A1: JUBISM: Judgement Based Information Sharing with Monitoring patent, US-2014296573-A1: Method of Making a Templating Agent patent, WO-9729778-A3: Polymeres ayant un effet therapeutique, activables biologiquement, et articles realises avec ces polymeres patent, US-2014322532-A1: Variable-thickness elecriplast moldable capsule and method of manufacture patent, US-2014323838-A1: Electrocardiographic waveform measuring apparatus patent, US-2014342576-A1: Ultraviolet-curable resin material for pattern transfer and magnetic recording medium manufacturing method using the same patent, US-2014355685-A1: Parallel derived disparity vector for 3d video coding with neighbor-based disparity vector derivation patent, US-2014362822-A1: System architecture and method for service continuity in heterogeneous wireless network patent, US-2014366827-A1: Lash adjuster patent, US-2014372342-A1: System and method for automated market making patent, US-2015001023-A1: Electromagnetic system for controlling the operating mode of an overrunning coupling assembly and overrunning coupling and control assembly including the system patent, US-2015020278-P1: Heuchera plant named 'Zipper' patent, US-2015039810-A1: Method for managing memory apparatus, associated memory apparatus thereof and associated controller thereof patent, US-2015050805-A1: Method of forming semiconductor device having multilayered plug and related device patent, US-2015053887-A1: Polishing composition patent, US-2015059677-A1: Device for a valve train for changing the lift of gas exchange valves of an internal combustion engine patent, US-2015066229-A1: Method and system for controlling an energy management installation patent, US-2015077159-A1: Programmable structured arrays patent, US-2015080464-A1: Melatonin agonist treatment patent, US-2010057351-A1: System for evaluating poi and method thereof patent, US-2010074170-A1: Apparatus and method for alleviating barred access in mobile communication system patent, US-2010079550-A1: Efficient inkjet nozzle assembly patent, US-2010123089-A1: Device for exciting fluorescent samples using visible light patent, US-2010222190-A1: Exercise apparatus patent, US-2010224327-A1: Part sensing horn patent, US-2010247366-A1: Screw compressor patent, US-2010271830-A1: Optical glass and optical apparatus using the same patent, US-2010274463-A1: Ignition timing control system for internal combustion engine patent, US-2010287243-A1: Interactive message service patent, US-2010290124-A1: Image display apparatus patent, US-2010312746-A1: Situational resource rating patent, US-2011001465-A1: Plasma Measurement Device, Plasma System, and Method for Measuring Plasma Characteristics patent, US-2011009570-A1: Preparation of polyphosphazene microspheres patent, US-2011070091-A1: Ceil Fan Blade Assembly patent, US-2011077777-A1: Steering controller for movable robot, steering control method using the steering controller and movable robot system using the steering controller patent, US-2011095933-A1: Detection and Location of Radio Frequency Weapons From High Altitude Glider System patent, US-2011103439-A1: Apparatus and methods for improved high-speed communication systems patent, US-2011105576-A1: Pesticidal combinations patent, US-2011106360-A1: Automatic transmission driving system for electric vehicle motor patent, US-2011112243-A1: Paint composition and process of forming paint films using the same patent, US-2011152390-A1: Method and chemical composition for reclaiming of cured elastomer materials patent, US-2011171595-A1: Dental bur patent, US-2011175956-A1: Inkjet ejection apparatus, inkjet ejection method, and inkjet recording apparatus patent, US-2011176957-A1: High strength casting aluminum alloy material patent, US-2011179294-A1: Multifunctional device and control method patent, US-2011194162-A1: Image forming apparatus, image formation control apparatus, and computer readable medium storing program patent, US-2011211001-A1: Control apparatus and liquid ejecting apparatus patent, US-2011216673-A1: Topology detection method and topology detection apparatus patent, US-2011245731-A1: Medical apparatus system, capsule medical apparatus system, and method of displaying posture item of subject patent, US-2011303233-A1: Banded Papers, Smoking Articles and Methods patent, US-2011309998-A1: Wireless apparatus patent, US-2011310790-A1: Wireless communications system, wireless terminal device, and channel switching method patent, US-2011315905-A1: Gasket type orifice and pressure type flow rate control apparatus for which the orifice is employed patent, US-2012006345-A1: Method for producing non-combustion type tobacco sheet patent, US-2012013088-A1: Performance pick patent, US-2012013578-A1: Pen-shaped pointing device and shift control method thereof patent, US-2012035019-A1: Method and apparatus to detect a mode-gear mismatch during operation of an electro-mechanical transmission patent, US-2012039566-A1: Polarisation rotator with multiple bowtie-shaped sections patent, US-2012054324-A1: Device, method, and storage medium for detecting multiplexed relation of applications patent, US-2012063152-A1: Adjustable sructure for lamp stand patent, US-2012063634-A1: Method for watermarking free view video with blind watermark detection patent, US-2012071416-A1: Low frequency glatiramer acetate therapy patent, US-2012071821-A1: Systems and methods for manipulating an elongate member patent, US-2012072179-A1: System and method for designing custom framing of artwork patent, US-2012078404-A1: Consumption rate calculating device, method for controlling consumption rate calculating device, and control program patent, US-2012088963-A1: Endoscope holding apparatus patent, US-2012133700-A1: Liquid-discharging device, inspection method of liquid-discharging device, and program patent, US-2012141332-A1: Vortex reactor and method of using it patent, US-2012141437-A1: Cardiac Muscle Regeneration Using Mesenchymal Stem Cells patent, US-2012150654-A1: Method And Apparatus For Interactive Media Control patent, US-2012154111-A1: Method for inspecting a product as an original product of a product producer patent, US-2012162570-A1: Liquid crystal module assembly and display device including the same patent, US-2012191251-A1: Markless Registration System For Labels In Labelling Machines patent, US-2012191362-A1: Calibration method for the prospective calibration of measuring equipment patent, US-2012199167-A1: Clean-in-place device for a milk conveying system patent, US-2012226275-A1: Vessel Sealing Instrument With Cutting Mechanism patent, US-2012227652-A1: Vessel patent, US-2012229204-A1: Switched capacitor circuit patent, US-2012230544-A1: Apparatus and method for finding a misplaced object using a database and instructions generated by a portable device patent, US-2012295489-A1: Electronic component socket patent, US-2012296170-A1: Thoracic access port patent, US-2012303308-A1: Baseline Setting Method patent, US-2012316812-A1: Battery state estimation device and battery state estimation method patent, US-2012321778-A1: Method For Electrostatic Coating Of A Medical Device patent, US-2013030949-A1: Community based network shopping patent, US-2013045453-A1: Fuel for wick type candle patent, US-2013057301-A1: Linear capacitance-to-voltage converter using a single amplifier for accelerometer front ends with cancellation of spurious forces contributed by sensor circuitry patent, US-2013070065-A1: 3dimension stereoscopic display device patent, US-2013071228-A1: Stationary co-axial multi-rotor wind turbine supported by continuous central driveshaft patent, US-2013081917-A1: Parallel dual clutch device patent, US-2013082791-A1: Oscillation device patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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