Spreading wall plug


1,203,557. Wall plug. F. MACHTLE. 14 April, 1969 [19 April, 1968], No. 19032/69. Heading F2H. A wall plug has a threaded cylindrical part 2 and a spreading part 3 of length equal to or less than that of the cylindrical part, having longitudinal slots 6 and turned grooves 3<SP>1</SP>, and being spread by a ball 7 inserted into a taper bore 5 therein. The ball is inserted with a drift, and held in position by the sharp edges of the spreading part (Fig. 5, not shown). The inner end of the plug is notched at 10 to grip the wall to prevent turning. The angle of taper of the spreading part may be about 6 degrees before insertion of the ball and negative after insertion.




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